Liberton Area Greenbelt

The concept of a ‘green belt’ or rural land around the city was introduced in Edinburgh in 1957 in order to ‘control urban growth, protect farmland and to conserve the setting of the city’(1). In doing so it created protected areas with less noise and pollution and enhanced the general atmosphere of the city.

Image taken from the Edinburgh Council Green Belt Study 2008 (2)

Population growth and economic development has increased the demand for new houses, offices and industrial sites since the inception of the Green Belt and there has been considerable conflict between the demands. Today the Green Belt has been considerably reduced.

Conflict also exists between the council and the Scottish government with the latter supporting appeals against council decisions, supporting the developers.

In 2015 Ian Murray MP petitioned the UK Parliament to have Broomhills, Old Station Road, Burdiehouse, The Drum, Ellen’s Glen and Moredun made exempt from the local development plan 2015 -2020. This has failed, as is evident from the massive build in these areas.

Our Green belt is shrinking and our lives will be the poorer for its loss.

M.P. Collingwood


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  2. Edinburgh Green Belt Study; Final Report 2008; The City of Edinburgh Council

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