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Planning (Scotland) Act 2019  The new Scottish Planning Act has now received Royal Assent and is now the basis for planning in Scotland. This Act will make significant changes in the way in which planning and subsequent developments are administered and presented across Scotland. In the Information Section there is an updated paper from the LA Planning Group and a copy of the Act is available in the Resources Section on the Planning Pages.

Granton Brown Field Sites Although well outside our area there have been two significant developments within the huge Brown Field site (also known as Edinburgh Waterfront site). Firstly, the City of Edinburgh Council has purchased the old Granton Gas Works site as a potential housing and associated development zone. Secondly, the lapsed Planning Permission for the Edinburgh Waterfront Marina site with a marina, about 2000 housing units and associated development including a health centre has had its Planning Permission reinstated with a deadline of 2023.  This is a significant potential development area which should reduce the demand for land in the south-east section (our area) of Edinburgh.

Broomhills Development As most of us are aware the developers (Barratt and David Wilson Homes) are well into building homes and the associated school at Broomhills.  However the developers have successfully applied to alter some of the housing mix in order to accumulate an additional 50 homes to be built within the existing site. This will add further to congestion and pressure upon the local health, education and transport systems in particular. Potentially another 75 children to be educated and an additional 75 cars at Kaimes Junction.

Planning Application in Liberton Greenbelt land  We have just logged an application for a proposed development on green belt land near to Seven Acres Park. This application is for the building of a stable block as part of a Riding for the Disabled horses.  Once we have further information we will update you and advise on actions which the Association propose.

City Plan 2030 The City of Edinburgh Council has agreed to continue to develop the next Local Development Plan for the City of Edinburgh.  This is known as “City Plan 2030”. Work on this was delayed due to the refusal of the Scottish Government to accept SESPlan2 which was to form the underpin for the new City Development Plan. However, a reassessment means that development of the Plan can go ahead using the 2013 SESPlan and the 2014 National Planning Framework. Part of this will involve the production of a set of proposals which will be presented for consultation in the period from December 2019 until February 2020. See details for this in the Information Section and a copy of the latest information on City Plan 2030 in the Resources Section.

Frogstone Road PAN Please be aware that this Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) has been returned to the Developers due to a failure on the part of the Developers to provide the necessary information in relation to Public Consultation.  It may be resubmitted but as yet there has been no notice given of re-submission.

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