Working Groups


Communication and Advertising Group


Margaret Collingwood- lead
Christine Sheehy - advertising
Morag Meldrum
Rosa Tomany
Rob Eyton-Jones - social media and technical (Advisory)

The group will prepare required communications and adverts for matters relevant to the association’s activities. These will be distributed through the Social Media group with a paper version for those without email and for informing non-members.

Social Media Group


David Cavanagh -lead
Aly Findlay
Rob Eyton-Jones
Marek Ratajszczak

The group will manage and support the social media platforms such as the Website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
These platforms will be used to keep members informed of all Liberton Association news, updates and resources. This will also allow the members to contact us by several different routes

Distribution Group


Chris & Debbie Barclay – Lead
Volunteer members/helpers

The group will be responsible for the distribution of flyers/notices regarding forthcoming meetings e.g. AGM and any other information deemed relevant, throughot the Liberton Association area.

Planning Group


Norman Lyon – Lead
Alex Hammond-Chambers
Donald Murray
Ian McLeod

The group will monitor all Planning Activity and Applications in the Liberton area and advise members of significant applications which may have an effect in the community. The group will be actively involved in all matters relating to Development and Land usage and take an active role in progressing these matters in order to preserve the amenity of Liberton. The group will lead commenting on applications and provide support to members to comment upon proposals and applications.

Amenities Group


Rodger Stirling - Lead

The group will provide the port where members and local residents can come to if they have a problem with local amenities e.g. traffic control, air pollution, road crossings. The group will provide support, advice and information and be able to direct the complainant to lodge their concern.