Liberton Association Interim Meeting

The Interim Liberton Association meeting, held at Liberton Kirk on the 28th November, saw a great turnout of approximately 80-100 members. 

Ian Murray gives a message of support to the Liberton Association

The speakers included Ian Murray who offered his continued support for the LA and praised the committee and members for their community involvement and attempts to improve local amenities. He encouraged the members to remain vigilant regarding planning applications in the greenbelt areas and state their support or objections when appropriate.

PC Brian Leavy spoke about home security and asked the members to report any suspicious behavior to the Police which can be added to their database to assist in building cases and fighting crime. Questions for Brian included traffic control, speeding buses on Liberton Gardens and the rules regarding home CCTV use. If you have any queries or reports for PC Leavy please email him.

PC Brian Leavy speaks to the Liberton Association about community matters

Una Richards gives a talk about the work of the SHBT and their role in managing the Liberton Tower

Una Richards, Chief Executive of the Scottish Historic Building Trust gave a very interesting presentation about the buildings throughout Scotland which have been restored and managed by the Trust. The Trust has recently taken over the management of Liberton Tower, there are plans to upgrade the Tower and members are invited to visit for a tour.

The committee of the Liberton Association updated the members regarding plans and progress for Amenity and Planning issues.


1. Crash barriers on Liberton Brae – in response to concerns about the rusting and ineffective crash barriers on the Brae, we contacted the Council helpline both by email and via social media, and can report that, happily, the barriers have been replaced.

2. Liberton Parking changing rooms/containers. We have repeatedly contacted the council about these facilities and the problems with vermin, and we have now had a response. The South Edinburgh Community Football Club are presently negotiating with the council to take over the changing rooms. 

Children struggling to cross Liberton Brae to walk to school

3. We are liaising with the Liberton Primary School Association over a campaign to improve/provide safe routes to school for the children. At present children struggle to cross Kirk Brae in the morning due to heavy traffic and irresponsible drivers driving through junctions on red/speeding. There is also no pedestrian sequence on the lights at the foot of Kirk Brae, meaning that there is no safe point at which to cross that road. We have produced and published a video highlighting the problem and are in contact with local politicians who support this initiative. Ellie Weir and Jane Foley, the Chair and Vice Chair of Liberton Primary School Parents Association, gave a brief presentation regarding their ongoing project and thanked the LA for their ongoing support.

The LA were able to update that the Traffic Department intend to survey the junction at the bottom of Kirk Brae to assess if a Pelican Crossing can be installed.  Police Scotland also intend to assess the situation in January 2020. 

4. We successfully arranged for the pruning of the overhanging hedges on Liberton Drive opposite the golf driving range, which were impeding the footpath. It is now much easier to walk along that path without snagging on thorns etc. 

5. We are aware of the disrepair of the path on the north section of Alnwickhill Road. The upper section is owned by the Craigmillar Trust and has not been adopted by the council therefore the council are unable to carry out remedial work, however the pavement is dangerous, and the LA will be making enquiries.

The lower section is damaged due to cars mounting the pavement to touch the electronic tab on the telegraph pole, we are making enquiries why and who is using this system to report this practice and we are liaising with the council to initiate repairs

6. We continue to try to resolve other issues, such as the overflowing bins in Liberton Park/outside Cameron Toll/Alnwickhill Road etc

7. The junctions at the top of Alnwickhill Road turning on to Liberton gardens and the junction of Alnwickhill Road/Liberton Drive junction are becoming increasingly difficult to the increased volume of traffic. The LA intend to speak with the council to seek their advice.

8. Potential crash risk outside the Braids Nursing home on Liberton Drive due to increased parking by visitors and limited view of cars coming out of the home. Near miss incident witnessed last week. The LA intend to follow this up 


  1. Student accommodation on Mayfield Road. The LA has submitted an objection to both applications for Part A and B. The date for comments for Part A has been extended to 9th December. The current proposal is unacceptable and contravenes many of the council’s own policies on new builds, and student accommodation
  2. Ellens Glen and Liberton Hospital site The LA have received confirmation that Liberton hospital will be sold for development. Decommissioning of the hospital will take some months before being sold to developers. Access to the back of the hospital site (old BTS) will then be possible for development. The developers have assured that there will be Public consultation.
  3. Frogston Road site has had a public meeting in Gilmerton. There is a lot of local activity with a petition and local councilors support. The LA is assisting with local groups to offer support.
  4. Local Greenbelt.  We have made connections with other local organisations who have similar interests, including the Friends of Midmar Paddock, The Friends of 7 Acre Park, The Friends of St Katharine’s Park, the Scottish Historic Buildings Trust, the Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland and the Cockburn Association. We have agreed to support each other when needed, partly over planning, but also by advertising activities and events that take place in the areas covered by these organisations. We’ve made connections with the Liberton and District Community Council and have two representatives on their committee. We continue to monitor any activity by property developers for the sites in our area.
  5. City Plan 2030 consultations and drop in sessions for early 2020 have been postponed, due to the General Election. The LA will update members when new dates have been announced. These are likely to be early January onwards, so please be aware that any feedback/drop-in sessions are limited in timescale, so you need to be ready to give your opinion at short notice.

The Liberton Association committee meet monthly and will continue to update members via social media, post, local notices, twice yearly public meetings and extraordinary meetings when situations arise. We are contactable by several means and encourage members to update us regarding any issues which may cause concern in the local community.

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