Planning News & Information

Welcome to the Liberton Association Planning Web Pages

In the Planning Web Pages you can find out about what is happening in the Liberton area in relation to Local Planning Issues, Planning Authority activity, National (Scotland) Planning activity and how we will be able to help and support you with planning issues which you may have from time to time.

The Purpose of Planning is to:

“Manage the development and use of land in the long term public interest”

                                                                                                                        {Scottish Government}

Planning Group Aims:

The Planning Group aims to monitor, record and broadcast information on planning matters within the defined area, follow progress of applications and advise the membership of significant Planning Applications and Planning Advice Notices within the defined Liberton area.

The Planning Group aims to support Local Interest Groups and Residents out with the defined Liberton area where Planning Applications and Planning Advice Notices are likely to have an impact on the defined Liberton area.

The Planning Group aims to support Members where there may be Planning Conflicts and to provide guidance for individuals and groups within the defined Liberton area pursuing Planning Enforcement.

The Planning Group aims to inform members both directly and through the Planning Pages on the Liberton Association Website with relation to Planning Matters both within the defined Liberton area and at a more general and strategic level.

Within the Liberton Association the Planning Group is responsible to the Association Committee and to Association Members in relation to Planning Issues.

The Structure of Planning The system is a “planning-led” structure which is governed in a hierarchical format.  In recent years this has become a more top-down process:

Scottish Government which produces “National Planning Frameworks” (NPF) with revisions now every 10 years.  The Scottish Government (Through the Reporter to Scottish Ministers on Planning) also acts as the final arbiter on planning appeals

Local Planning Authorities which have the responsibility to prepare and manage land use and development within the Local Authority area.  Here we have City of Edinburgh Council. Local Planning Authorities are required to work with neighbouring Planning Authorities to produce more strategic plans. Local Planning Authorities are required to produce Local Development Plans for the area ~ these are revised from time to time in respect of the National Planning Framework and Scottish Government policies.

Planning Departments have the responsibility to the Local Planning Authority  for the preparation of draft plans and the day to day running of planning matters. Planning Department also manages Planning Enforcement on behalf of the Local Authority.

Community Councils have the responsibility for assessing and taking forward a local perspective and formulating responses on Planning Applications for the Local Planning Authorities. In our area the Community Council is Liberton and District Community Council.