Planning Application Notice 20/04554/PAN – more proposed houses on Frogston Road East

Barratt & David Wilson Homes and Trustees of the Catchelraw Trust are seeking the views of the public on their proposals for Proposed Residential and Commercial Development with Associated Roads, Landscaping and Open Space on Land to the South of Frogston Road East, Edinburgh

An online consultation event will be held on
25th November 2020 between 1.30pm and 3.30pm and then 5pm and 7.30pm. This can be accessed using the ‘chat box’ at during the times stated above.

Further details of the proposals can be found at

2 thoughts on “Planning Application Notice 20/04554/PAN – more proposed houses on Frogston Road East

  • When is this destruction of the countryside and green belt going to end. Do we need these kind of houses when there is a huge waiting list for social housing. Let’s hope the council turns this application down once and for all.

  • Janice McClements

    I am deeply unhappy at the prospect of yet more housing ( of the large 3/4 bed expensive villa type ) on green belt land .
    Yes we have a housing crisis , which I don’t think this type of development addresses .
    We have a crisis of biodiversity .
    We have a crisis of lack of access to GP practices .
    Our schools are at bursting point .
    We require affordable housing for purchase or rent built on brownfield sites in the city with proper infrastructure in place .
    We need to see redevelopment if buildings ; shops , offices etc which are no longer in use .


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